Welcome to Swagg::Net (home of swagg boi)

Northern VA (near DC) - danielbowling424@msn.com - Steam - Discord


Public Counter-Strike 1.6 Server:
SwaggNet 24/7 Assault !parachute !quakesounds !booze

Public Team Fortress 2 Server:
SwaggNet 24/7 MvM !rtd

Public Counter-Srike: Global Offensive Server:
SwaggNet 24/7 Assault Classic !parachute !quakesounds

Public Minecraft 1.15.2 Server (work in progress):
SwaggNet Minecraft Test Server

Nightly maintenance window 01:00 to 02:00 in the morning (Eastern) time or 01:00 to 02:30 on the 1st and 15th of the month for backup


5/16/2020 - Minecraft Server world reset
Minecraft Server world reset after adding admins (it's a test server!)

3/31/2020 - Server crash
Crashed the server around 16:00 EDT while working on the new Minecraft server, few minutes of downtime there but Minecraft server is up for testing

3/7/2020 - Downtime again...
Power outage again around 20:30 EST took me down for over an hour

1/17/2020 - New hostname
swagg.cc is now swagg.net, full story here

12/31/2019 - Brief downtime
A power outage around 1400 local time caused about a half hour of downtime. I was able to gracefully shut everything down on backup power but ICMPv6 is acting flakey since coming back up so I may have to take her down briefly again tonight to figure out what's going on. All in all everything seems to be more or less working again
EDIT: Just kidding, ICMPv6 was a firewall glitch whoopsie. All good now

12/11/2019 - CS 1.6 Server Restart Issue
It was brought to my attention that the CS 1.6 server was shutting itself down every 10 minutes for a restart. Shouts out to Bob for reporting this. It appears a Python script I was using to automate some things stopped working when it was updated as a Python 3 script. Got python3 installed and it appears to be working now. Meanwhile, Perl scripts written in the mid-2000s continue to work just fine :)