Welcome to Swagg::Net (home of swagg boi)

Northern VA (near DC) - swaggboi@slackware.uk - Steam - Discord


Public Counter-Strike 1.6 Server:
SwaggNet 24/7 Assault !parachute !quakesounds !booze

Public Team Fortress 2 Server:
SwaggNet 24/7 MvM !rtd

Public Counter-Srike: Global Offensive Server:
SwaggNet 24/7 Assault Classic !parachute !quakesounds

Public Minecraft 1.15.2 Server (work in progress):
SwaggNet Minecraft Test Server

Nightly maintenance window 01:00 to 02:00 in the morning (Eastern) time or 01:00 to 02:30 on the 1st and 15th of the month for backup


4/1/2022 - Whoopsie
Had a service provider outage tonight that lasted a bit beyond the 02:00 cut-off for maintenance

11/28/2021 - TF2 Server Fixed
I finally narrowed it down to an issue with an addon. Updated SourceMod and looks like we're back in business

11/27/2021 - New Server
I finally migrated over to the new server last night. So far everything seems to be running smoothly. CS: GO just stopped working altogether on the old server so I had to leave it disabled for the past several weeks but that's back now. Minecraft server will probably stay off until I can make some time to reconfigure everything

EDIT: Looks like the TF2 server is broken, I'm currently working on this

9/26/2021 - Server Issues Persist...
The server crashed again last night while running updates. At this point I think it's about time to upgrade rather than keep this ancient RHEL 7 relic on life-support so please bear with me as there will likely be some sporadic downtime as I migrate things over to the new server.

9/25/2021 - Recent Downtime
It appears network services had crashed yesterday and it took me awhile to notice and fix. Also some updates have been mucking up the configuration on the CS 1.6 server but I wrote up a little script today that should prevent this from happening again.

8/25/2021 - Downtime Coming
I was just informed that tomorrow, 8/26/2021, the city needs to shut off our power for 8 hours to replace a transformer (hoping for an Optimus Prime). The shutdown will begin at 23:00 EDT/03:00 UTC and should be over by 06:00 EDT/10:00 UTC (by then it will be 8/27/2021). I'm going to gracefully shut everything down around 15 minutes prior just to make sure all is shutdown properly.

6/25/2020 - Downtime: This Time It's Personal
Tomorrow I am going to begin a big physical move of the equipment that is SwaggNet... Expect long downtime(s) during the weekend of 6/26/2020 to 6/28/2020. Should've posted this note a bit sooner but I've been busy ok lay off!!

6/10/2020 - Downtime: Whoops! Edition
Crashed the server playing with my new backup script for the Minecraft server... Ended up accidentally corrupting some files so I had to restore the Minecraft server from last backup (yesterday). But the backups did work at least?

6/8/2020 - Downtime (more to come)
Had a bit of downtime around 15:45 EDT, not sure what happened but there was a sudden break in connectivity. Wasn't able to ping my ISP so I rebooted the modem and it's fixed. I'll call that a "soft error" (aka it's a mystery). Also there may be a full day or so worth of downtime coming approx. June 25th for some equipment I must physically move. Will follow-up with more exact info as the date approaches.

5/16/2020 - Minecraft Server world reset
Minecraft Server world reset after adding admins (it's a test server!)

3/31/2020 - Server crash
Crashed the server around 16:00 EDT while working on the new Minecraft server, few minutes of downtime there but Minecraft server is up for testing

3/7/2020 - Downtime again...
Power outage again around 20:30 EST took me down for over an hour

1/17/2020 - New hostname
swagg.cc is now swagg.net, full story here

12/31/2019 - Brief downtime
A power outage around 1400 local time caused about a half hour of downtime. I was able to gracefully shut everything down on backup power but ICMPv6 is acting flakey since coming back up so I may have to take her down briefly again tonight to figure out what's going on. All in all everything seems to be more or less working again
EDIT: Just kidding, ICMPv6 was a firewall glitch whoopsie. All good now

12/11/2019 - CS 1.6 Server Restart Issue
It was brought to my attention that the CS 1.6 server was shutting itself down every 10 minutes for a restart. Shouts out to Bob for reporting this. It appears a Python script I was using to automate some things stopped working when it was updated as a Python 3 script. Got python3 installed and it appears to be working now. Meanwhile, Perl scripts written in the mid-2000s continue to work just fine :)